Hip Hop

The Wedding of Maria and Devon


This was an early wedding ceremony. Travel time was short so I arrived more than 2 hours before the start time. This is a beautiful venue with beautiful waterfront views both inside and out. The plan this morning was for an outside ceremony immediately followed by the reception. When I arrived, the venue had just opened, and they were still cleaning from the night before. They had the tables set up in such a way, that the normal DJ position had a guest table in it. That area has several isolated circuits and is set back from the dance floor with a wall behind it. They told me to set up on a small 4 foot table that was about 1 1/2 feet wide. I was only part way into the setup when they decided to change tables (and locations) again. I was less concerned with that and more concerned with the ceremony location. It wasn't raining, but it looked like it could happen an any moment, plus it was very windy. It wasn't until 45 minutes before the ceremony time, that the decision was made to have it inside. I was able to setup in the ceremony location with no problems; there was an elevator. The ceremony was a little delayed because the limousine had mechanical problems and another was dispatched. The intros and scheduled dances went well. I kept the pre-brunch mood low as I was asked. Once the formalities were take care of, with the permission of the new couple, it was party time. I started a dance set, at kept it going throughout the rest of the event. At the end I received hugs from the Groom, Bride and Grooms father.



Client:  Maria & Devon

Venue:  Giando's on the Water - 400 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Load In:  09:15

Start: 11:00

End:   16:00

Load Out:   16:45

People: 80


Main Speakers:  2 QSC K10

Subwoofer:   1 QSC KSUB

Control Surface:  Denon HC-4500

Mixer:   Rane MP25

Headphones:  V-Moda Crossfade LP

Computer:   15" MacBookPro - Serato ScratchLive 2.4.4

Lighting:  2 Chauvet SlimPar64, 2 Chauvet Mini Laser RBX

DJ Idlemind opens for Senegal Sensations, Abdou Mboup and Waakaw

DJ Idlemind opens for Senegal Sensations, Abdou Mboup and Waakaw

A key developer of the mbalax style of Senegalese dance music, multi-instrumentalist Abdou Mboup is a longtime ambassador of Senegal’s musical tradition. Having collaborated with the likes of Nina Simone, Harry Belafonte, Jean-Luc Ponty, and Afrika Bambaataa, Mboup, who performs with his new band Waakaw, marries jazz with a virtuosic mastery of the West African kora.

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