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DJ Idlemind, "The Appropriate Agent"

DJ Idlemind, "The Appropriate Agent" began learning the art of spinning records at age eight from his cousin, a resident Studio 54 DJ. Idlemind is known for his ability to blend seemingly opposing songs together, often breaking genre, speed and chronological barriers. Although a New York native, he has played music around the US and internationally including sets in Ibiza, Japan, Italy, Sweden and Germany. DJ Idlemind is the official event DJ for the Brooklyn Academy of Music and House DJ for the BAMcafé Live concert series. He has worked with/opened for hundreds of artists including, QuestLove, Tony Humphries, Rich Medina, Robert Redford, Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, Sheryl Crow and Jimmy Cliff to name a few. Club Zimbabwe, The Q-Club, La Linea, PS450 and the legendary Tunnel are only a handful of the clubs and event spaces where he has held residencies.

Each performance is unique as he plays free-form and reads the reactions of the crowd rather than using a play list. Much to the nature of his professional name, he often says, "If I'm not spinnin', my mind is pretty idle." and sometime in the 90's, he adopted the name. As DJ Idlemind's popularity continues to gain momentum, he will continue to share musical ideas with his audience in exchange for the energy they give him in return.